Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) vs. Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

PEO vs GEOWhen the service was first established, it was labeled PEO, Professional Employer Organization, because we believed that we were doing  something similar in nature to what the U.S. PEO  business model achieves for clients. Essentially, we were removing all of  the administrative burdens, risks and hassles for clients.

At the same time, we  started to recognize that what we were doing was actually different, and we  thought that the difference was significant enough that we wanted to  distinguish it. We did not want to confuse or mislead clients into believing  that PEO and the service we performed were exactly the same.

The services are based  very much around the co-employment model in the U.S. Co-employment, however, does  not exist in the same format in other countries around the world. In fact, very  few countries have co-employment. Some may even view it as illegal. France and  Switzerland, for example, have laws that take a fairly harsh view of the  co-employment style of relationship. In those countries, they almost take the  stance that the employer may be looking to shirk some employment  responsibility.

We, as a  team, mulled over it. We wanted to keep the association with PEO because many  of the benefits or advantages to GEO were exactly the same as PEO, but we had  to distinguish them. We came up with the phrase Global Employment Outsourcing,  which fed into GEO very nicely and kept the link. We were quite pleased with  it. It is now SafeGuard World International trademarked, and we are looking to  draw the brand in the international employment space.

Global  Employment Outsourcing does exactly what it says on the tin. A client can  completely outsource the employment of their international workers to us in  exactly the same way our global payroll services work. The two have very  similar models. We have a global network of expert partners in each of the  countries we serve, and they become the technical employer of record for the  worker on behalf of the client. Then, we simply invoice our client for the  costs of the services that the worker is providing them.

What is different, and  how I believe GEO sets us apart, is that we are very flexible in how we help the  client structure their employment scenario. For example, we can customize  employment terms. Some traditional staffing agencies may be very rigid in what  they can offer from the employment contract to the terms that are contained  within that contract and right out to the customary versus statutory benefit  provisions that a client might wish to provide for workers. The statutory  benefits here in the U.S. and in the U.K. are not always enough for some of the  senior workers. They may not be enough for companies looking to attract a high  level of talent and retain it.

It is important for companies to understand what  customary benefits an employer should offer in that country. It is crucial to  identify what the better talent may be seeking from employers. We can customize  those employment scenarios for the clients and build them out to whatever  extent they wish or to which we are limited by the legislation of that country.

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