Navigating Global Growth: Why it’s not Smooth Sailing for HR

islandgrowthSo the company executives are making high-level strategic decisions about how, where and when to expand globally. On Monday, the thinking is, let’s get into the emerging markets, let’s get in early! So HR starts looking for Recruiters in Africa and partners up with Finance to look into setting up a Business Entity in Peru.

Oh, wait, forget that idea. Now management has decided instead to invest in the mature markets and have asked HR to hire a finance team, a dozen sales managers and two administrative assistants, within 6 weeks.

It’s not Smooth Sailing for HR

This is simply the reality of growing internationally, especially as the mid market and small businesses are taking their high-growth companies abroad. Deciding which markets to manufacture in, where to sell products and services, to name a few examples, are key strategic decisions that every organization has to make, and they have very real consequences. But that doesn’t make the HR professional’s job any easier.

It’s never been easy for an HR department to manage transition during a company’s high growth stage. New head counts are approved, then un-approved, then re-approved and it’s a dynamic environment. Not to mention that many high-growth companies don’t even have full scale HR departments; the HR team likely consists of one or two individuals who are wearing all of the HR hats such as recruiting, performance appraisals, and of course, payroll and benefits.

Imagine now having to manage these tasks outside of the company’s home country. In the home country, the HR professional will at least have a Business Entity, a general understanding  of how to recruit and a method for processing payrolls. Now try to do that in a foreign country. Definitely not smooth sailing. Sounds like one of those recent pleasure cruises where all the guests got sick!

Turn on the Cruise Control

There is a Cruise Control switch to smooth out a choppy boat ride. While all these emerging companies  have been expanding internationally, global service providers have been right there with them, providing global HR services to support their global journeys.

SafeGuard World International is one of the leaders in this space and can provide all the help that HR needs as their corporate executives navigate their  global growth strategies: global managed payroll, global employment outsourcing, HRIS & payroll for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as Independent Contractor Employment Agreements, Global RPO and country-specific recruitment, in-country entity establishment and a range of other HR support on a multinational scale.

HR can relax and enjoy the journey!



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