The Holy Grail of “Big Data” for Finance & Payroll Professionals

global_payrollHistorically, options for administering global payroll included ERPs, legacy vendors and cobbled together solutions with disparate and incompatible systems. Those legacy payroll systems were expensive, decentralized, didn’t address local compliance, had poor reporting and analytics and they required multiple vendor contracts and high infrastructure investments.

Seven years ago, to solve these challenges, SafeGuard World International (SGWI) was established and created a solution using state-of the-art technology. The technology was built in the “cloud,” and SGWI joined other “cloud” leaders such as, Workday and Cornerstone on Demand who were all building new technologies that would stand superior to their industry leaders who were still using older technology platforms. This new cloud-based technology was a game changer in the global payroll industry. Even Gartner recognized SGWI as a “disrupter” in the marketplace due to its growing market share winning Fortune 500 client business. It was this technology combined with SGWI’s “managed” approach to the process (vetting local payroll processors in 165 countries and taking responsibility for employee and tax payments in each country) and SGWI’s strong customer centric and passionate culture, that has contributed to its huge success.

A few of our major milestones include being the first global payroll company to sign a strategic partnership with Workday, the leader in enterprise-class, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for managing global businesses. Today, SGWI has more shared clients and processes more payrolls for shared Workday clients than any other global payroll provider. Workday presented SGWI with their Global Payroll Cloud Partner of the Year at their 2014 Customer Conference, Workday Rising. SGWI was also the first global payroll provider to earn the newer SAS certification, SSAE 16.

When clients were asking for help with their global contingent labor, SGWI used its global HR experience to establish a Global Employment Outsourcing division. And later, started offering Human Capital Management (HCM), payroll and HR consulting solutions for growing businesses. The goal was to help both small organizations and large ones with small employee populations in any particular country offering everything from entity establishment to recruitment, in-country compliance consulting and of course, an HCM and payroll solution.

Due to an increasingly global workforce (projected to grow 18% between 2010 and 2030), only about $250Mil of the $5Bil potential market has been captured and SGWI has been investing in the technology, infrastructure and staffing required to take a significant share of that market.

SafeGuard World International serves the global employment needs for companies of all sizes, with large or small employee populations in mature and emerging international markets. A combined model of expertise in both global payroll and global employment outsourcing/contingent labor solutions is what differentiates SGWI from its competition. Clients have a mix of large and small employee populations in different countries, or are ready to test out new international markets and SGWI’s solutions manage all of their workers and provide comprehensive analytics of their total workforce costs, the holy grail of “big data” for finance and payroll professionals.

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